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Thursdays 6:30pm-8pm

From September 27th-November 8th

Meet in the Coffee Shop

We will be taking the Fall, Spring 2019 and Fall 2019 to go through this trilogy of books by Nancy DeMoss Wilgemuth: 

Brokenness (Fall 2018)

Surrender (Spring 2019)

and Holiness (Fall 2019). 

Here is a bit of information about the Brokenness study:

"Our current culture has so much to say about pursuing happiness, positive self-images, and cures for our hurt feelings and damaged psyches. But God more committed to making us holy than to making us happy and if committed, we'll find that holiness makes us blessed in all aspects of our lives (self-image, hurt feelings, etc). There is only one pathway to holiness, one road to genuine revival, and that is the pathway of humility or brokenness. Brokenness is where true revival begins!

It's going to be great to gain a deeper understanding of biblical brokenness. We may tend to think of it as a sad and gloomy emotional state, but as Nancy says, "It's not how we feel, but a choice we make. It is in this place of humility and contrition before a holy God that we experience true restoration of our hearts."

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